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Enhancing Employee Productivity to Enhance the Success of SMBs

Employee Productivity Is Essential to a Competitive SMB
Digital transformation is a mega-trend that is increasing attention on a new generation of digital systems designed to dramatically enhance employee productivity. New tools and technologies provide the platform for a step-function increase in employee productivity.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will use these productivity enhancements to position themselves for business success. To do this, employees will require devices that are highly adaptable, allowing them to work any way they want to―in tablet mode or with a traditional keyboard and cursor―and switch between them seamlessly. Employees can use the critical productivity software they know, while embracing the new capabilities in the software for analytics and visual presentation of data as well as support for not only the mechanics of collaboration, but also better ways to share the information and data used by the group.

Next-generation digital tools are the engine driving productivity gains and enabling employees to do even more. SMBs must win the productivity race, because wasting human resources is a losing proposition.

How SMBs Can Utilize New Digital Tools to Beat the Larger Competitors
Improving productivity is not as difficult as it might seem. Three of the most impactful ways to increase productivity are detailed here.

Enable More Effective Collaboration

The ability of teams, both ad hoc and formal, to complete projects in a timely manner and with optimal results is the hallmark of successful businesses. Next-generation technology solutions have new capabilities to improve collaboration processes, across all methods of communication. In fact, better collaboration may be a critical advantage for SMBs. Better ways to share content, regardless of format, will bring true competitive advantage.

Devices with next-generation collaboration built in eliminate common barriers to success. Fundamental changes in both hardware and software have dramatically enhanced what employees can do. The combination of better information organization, putting all information into a single, manageable format, and making it available to others will allow SMBs to win the productivity battle.

Improve Output and Increase Time Spent on High-Value Activities

In a modern business, most work is done using key productivity apps and the hardware devices that enable them. However, older systems force employees to spend precious time doing too much system administration tasks. Modern devices and software tools eliminate much of the time wasted doing housekeeping chores for security, mobility, information and data management, and more. Worse, new capabilities such as analytics are not well supported—which is not surprising, since legacy systems were designed and conceived during a very different time. There was no way that older hardware and software products could foresee the needs of the digital employee.

Another, often overlooked, way employee productivity is negatively impacted is when employees must wait for their devices to respond. For example, if an employee must wait just 30 seconds for a device to respond and that happens five times per hour, it adds up to more than two weeks of lost productivity per year!

Augment Productivity with Lenovo Devices and Accessories

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Lenovo and Intel Power Modern Devices to Empower the Digital Employee
Lenovo and Intel work closely together to provide a wide range of devices for a broad array of workplace needs. Lenovo devices powered by Intel® processors give employees the flexibility to work anywhere at any time, and still enjoy the same performance—and more—they have experienced with traditional desktop devices.

Digital transformation and building a digital business means giving workers the technology tools to let them do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently, allowing them to spend less time on tactical activities and more time on strategic, creative thinking and innovation. The Lenovo-Intel partnership gives the digital employee a leg up in making the modern workplace as flexible and sophisticated as possible, but with the ease of use they need for a more empowered experience.