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VMware announces AppShift, Wanova integration in end-user computing keynote

Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth recap the VMworld 2012 end-user computing keynote, where attendees learned that VMware AppBlast is not dead. The seamless application delivery product will be part of the Horizon suite, which will also include Project Octopus.

On the desktop virtualization side, CTO Steve Herrod introduced a demo of Wanova's Mirage technology working with VMware View to provide a centralized image over various devices  -- whether physical or virtual.

Also intriguing was the announcement of a new tool, Project AppShift, which makes Windows desktops more tablet friendly for mobile users. Plus, Herrod announced that Horizon Mobile, the company's mobile virtualization hypervisor, will not only work with Android -- it will finally cover iOS devices as well.

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