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How to use Citrix Gateway service and Citrix Cloud Library

As Citrix Cloud adoption grows, it is important for Citrix admins to understand how Citrix Cloud components work.

In this video, we'll take a look at two components that don't have on-premises counterparts: Citrix Gateway service and the Citrix Cloud Library.

The Citrix Gateway service provides access to the Citrix Workspace portal. It allows admins to connect to an identity provider such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Okta and more. With these credentials, an end user can sign into the Citrix Workspace portal and, from there, open a published application or desktop, SaaS application or web application.

A great feature of the Citrix Gateway Service is the ability to connect cloud-based virtual apps and desktop environments to the Citrix Workspace portal. Admins only need to create a resource location and set up a Cloud Connector. As long as the Cloud Connector can access the internet, the Citrix Gateway service can ensure that IT can access the Virtual Apps and Desktops through the Workspace portal. There is no need for an on-premises NetScaler, firewall rules or a public IP. The Gateway service creates a "" address for end users to access the Workspace portal.

Citrix Cloud Library enables IT to manage all of the Citrix Cloud offerings, including Virtual Apps and Desktops, access control to SaaS and web apps, Content Collaboration and Citrix Endpoint Management. The Library lets IT subscribe users to these offerings, either through a user-based or group-based process. Citrix Cloud Library also supports groups in Azure Active Directory for organizations that have it as their identity provider.

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