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The Ultimate Guide to Application Virtualization

This application virtualization guide offers info on choosing and using application virtualization, expert tips and desktop virtualization news you can use.

Despite expectations that Windows 7 would spur mainstream VDI adoption, most enterprises aren’t doing full virtual desktop infrastructure build-outs just yet. Instead, IT pros are doing operating system upgrades the traditional way, using physical PCs and imaging automation tools.

But simple to use application virtualization technologies have found their way into Windows upgrade projects because that desktop virtualization technology gives companies a way to deploy incompatible legacy applications to Windows 7. It also gives companies a simple way to dip their toes into desktop virtualization.

This guide helps you determine which application virtualization technologies are best for your environment along with the pros and cons of application virtualization products on the market today. It also offers expert technical advice to help your organization implement and manage virtualized apps along with desktop virtualization news and market analysis.

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Which form of application virtualization is best: streaming or local?
There are two types of application virtualization tools - streaming and local. Here, our virtual desktop expert explains the difference and how to determine which is right for your organization.

What application virtualization can and can’t do for you
Not every application works well -- or at all -- when virtualized. This article describes which applications are best suited for virtualization and which apps you should leave to the physical world.

Use application virtualization before moving to VDI
Application virtualization offers the ability to run almost any application on any system, physical or virtual. Here’s how to take advantage of this technology before you move to VDI.

Desktop and application virtualization: convincing management and end users
Once you’ve determined which type of application virtualization is best for your environment, it's time to convince your CIO and end users that virtualized applications are a good bet. This tip covers how to pitch desktop and application virtualization's benefits to management and users.



Application migration tool sheds light on compatibility issues
For shops using application virtualization for Windows 7 upgrades, AppTitude’s application compatibility software saves time. Here’s one IT pro’s experience using it with App-V.

Application virtualization with VMware ThinApp
This article covers the application virtualization use cases, pros and cons of using application virtualization, and in-depth information on deploying and using VMware’s ThinApp tool.

App-V vs. ThinApp: A VMware pro votes Microsoft
There are a number of application virtualization tools on the market, including one from Microsoft called App-V. In this article, a VMware user compares App-V to ThinApp and finds that Microsoft’s application virtualization tool outshines the competition.

Running App-V in a Med-V environment

IT pros can now run Microsoft App-V within Med-V 2.0 environments, providing a way to use these complementary tools together to migrate Windows legacy apps to Windows 7 machines.

What you need to know before using Microsoft App-V Sequencer

Microsoft’s App-V Sequencer tool quickly packages most applications, but there are a few limitations to be aware of before using it. Here are the roadblocks to be aware of.

Using App-V 4.6 SP1 Package Accelerators

Here are some tips on using the Package Accelerator feature in Microsoft App-V  4.6 SP1 to virtualize tricky apps and pitfalls to avoid when sharing Package Accelerators you’ve built.

Application virtualization smackdown: Head to head analysis of Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and more
This article from BrianMadden.com provides deep analysis of not only the largest application virtualization vendor products but some technologies from smaller vendors, including Endeavors Technologies, InstallFree and Spoon.

Product Spotlight: Application virtualization with InstallFree Bridge
InstallFree Bridge isn't just a packaging or virtualization solution; it's also an application deployment and streaming solution. This article digs deep into the product to give readers the pros and cons of using InstallFree Bridge.

How to run apps that aren’t Windows 7 compatible on Windows 7
While most of your Vista applications should work fine in Windows 7, you'll undoubtedly run into a number of apps that just won't work. This is especially true if you are migrating from Windows XP. Here’s how application virtualization technologies can help.

Virtualized application components you need to backup
The major backup vendors don’t offer products targeted at backing up virtualized apps. Here are some of the resources that need to be backed up and some basic techniques for backing up applications in Microsoft App-V, Citrix XenApp and VMware ThinApp.



VDI in 2011: Applications, client hypervisors and Windows 7
In this video, VDI experts Brian Madden, Gabe Knuth and SearchVirtualDesktop.com editor Bridget Botelho talk about desktop virtualization technologies and trends, including the use of application virtualization tools for Windows 7 upgrades.

Microsoft adds application virtualization features for Windows 7 migrations
Microsoft’s application virtualization offering, App-V 4.6, gives IT pros an alternative to the classic -- and time-consuming -- way of migrating applications to new operating systems versions

Microsoft shuts down IT pro requests for IE virtualization
IT pros and partners want to use application virtualization tools to run Internet Explorer. But Microsoft forbids the practice and put its big foot down on one application virtualization company for streaming IE from the Web.

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XenDesktop updated for Speed, better integration (with XenApp 6)
XenDesktop is now fully integrated with Microsoft's App-V application virtualization solution, so now it's just as easy to publish and deliver App-V apps as it is Citrix XenApp apps.

Can Citrix, VMware app virtualization stack up against Microsoft?
Microsoft continues to enrich App-V with capabilities that make it appealing to Windows shops, and many Microsoft customers consider it a natural choice for Windows 7 upgrades. So how can VMware and Citrix compete?

The future of application virtualization; the app store concept
The success of Apple’s iPhone can partially be attributed to its App Store, which gives end users the power to choose the applications they want on their mobile devices. In the future, enterprise applications may also be handled this way.

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Microsoft incrementally upgrades its virtual desktop line
Microsoft refreshed its virtual desktop line, with management integration for MED-V, package accelerators for App-V 4.6 and a status update for Thin PC.

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