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Desktop virtualization expert advice forum

Desktop virtualization expert advice forum

Many organizations are looking to desktop virtualization as a means of saving money and simplifying IT management processes. Whether your organization is only thinking about the possibilities of a virtualized desktop environment, has begun virtual desktop implementation or has already built a success virtual desktop infrastructure, this tutorial can help solve some of the more common desktop virtualization issues faced by IT admins today. In this tutorial, which was created with content from our user-generated IT Knowledge Exchange, learn how to set up a virtual desktop environment, which applications you should use when building your virtual environment and how to manage your newly virtualized desktop machines.


Desktop virtualization management tutorial

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- Setting up virtual infrastructure
- Managing virtual desktops
- Troubleshooting virtual machines

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Setting up virtual infrastructure

Virtualization for Dummies?
There are lots of different directions to take on the path of desktop virtualization, but where do you start? Learn where to begin your virtualization journey by getting to know the basics.

Windows XP Virtual Machines
What program should you use to create virtual machines that run Windows XP? What do you need to cross off your shopping list before creating these virtual machines? How can you care servers for these virtual machines? Find out here.

Creating a cluster of physical machines to run virtual machines
If you're planning on building a virtual environment that runs off a number of physical machines, where do you start? What tools do you need? How do you distribute the power? Join this discussion and share your virtual network blueprint.

Convert a Physical Machine to Virtual Machine in VMware
How do you convert an RHEL 2 physical machine into a virtual machine? Maybe it's time you try cold cloning the server? Find out how to do this in this virtualization thread.

Which virtual applications do I really need?
For you virtual network deployment, it's imperative that pick the right tools and applications. But how do you know which one(s) will work best for your organization? Find out here.

Managing virtual desktops

Virtual machine performance management in Hyper-V
Microsoft Virtual Server provides two ways for managing the priorities of virtual machines: weight-based and constraint-based resource allocation. What's different in Hyper-V?

Virtual vs. physical machines
Still not sure whether you should run a primarily physical or virtual environment? Learn about some of the differences between physical and virtual servers here.

Troubleshooting virtual machines

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for OS X Leopard?
Wouldn't it be nice if virtual appliances and ESX always got along? Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Learn how to get virtual appliances working on ESX in this discussion.

Hyper-V VM installation error: cannot change state?
Have you ever had the "cannot change state" error after installing Hyper-V? Well, you're not alone.

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