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Have a cautionary tale about VDI? Share it with us for Halloween

VDI projects fail for many reasons. If your VDI pilot project went terribly wrong, share the story with your peers by Oct. 27. We'll publish your cautionary tales on Halloween.

CIOs and executives get dazzled by VDI vendor promises, but vendors don't reveal their products' complexities and limitations. Those nasty little secrets are left for administrators to uncover on their own during the desktop virtualization pilot -- and those secrets can kill a project.

The fact of the matter is, VDI projects fail for a number of reasons. If you've spent time and money on piloting VDI and came out with nothing but a horror story, tell us about it. Email our Site Editor Bridget Botelho by Oct. 27 and we'll publish your frightful, cautionary tales on on Halloween.

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