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Citrix Synergy Barcelona -- what to expect

Will Citrix shed light on recently acquired cloud and virtualization technologies during Citrix Synergy Barcelona? Gabe Knuth is there with expectations for news and tech demos.

Barcelona, Spain -- I'm recovering from jet lag and gearing up for my first overseas Citrix show since it was called iForum. With several months between the U.S. Synergy show and the show here this week and Citrix's recent acquisitions, there's reason for anticipation.

Here are some of the things I hope to learn more about at the show when it kicks off on Wednesday:

There are rumblings that there will be some announcements regarding Kaviza -- which Citrix acquired in May of this year for its VDI-in-a-box solution. Although I don't expect anything earth-shattering, I've always had a soft spot for them, so I'll be sure to catch with up them and get the latest on the Kaviza front.

Citrix Personal vDisk
It's been almost three months since Citrix acquired RingCube, and while there's been plenty of discussion surrounding the Personal vDisk technology and departmental apps, we've only seen a limited functionality, find-and-replace branding version of the product. At Synergy, I'm hoping to find out more in the form of a demo or, at least, some more information on the direction Citrix will take with this feature.

The RingCube acquisition added departmental applications to the Citrix Personal Cloud offering. A few weeks ago, Citrix acquired Sharefile, a cloud storage provider that is similar to Dropbox, but with more enterprise-class features, like auditing and rights management. ShareFile clients support just about any device you can think of, which means it should plug in well to the Citrix Receiver.

Citrix plans to use the ShareFile technology to add "follow-me-data" to the Personal Cloud and while there are some implementation differences between ShareFile and VMware Project Octopus, the fact that both companies have been devoting resources to the "corporate Dropbox" means that this space is heating up.

Cisco and Citrix
Announced a few weeks ago, Cisco and Citrix have entered into a partnership that, among other things, gives Cisco's Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) devices the ability to see inside the HDX protocol. Currently, the only other devices that can do that are in the Citrix Branch Repeater (formerly WANScaler) family of devices and virtual appliances from Citrix.

I'm hoping to see WAAS with HDX optimization in action here at the Synergy Europe show and to catch up with people to hear what they think of the new partnership. While partnering with Cisco is a big win in lieu of Cisco's existing partnership with VMware, I'm sure many people would rather see HDX optimization in Riverbed or F5 products than in WAAS. If it's implemented well, though, opinions might change.

If you have any other ideas or thoughts for me to keep an eye on while I'm here, let me know. As usual, I'll be tweeting from the keynote (@GabeKnuth) and roaming the expo hall floor recording videos with vendors. If something interesting pops up, I’'l be on it.

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