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Brian and Gabe's VMworld 2011 preview

Brian and Gabe cover what to expect during VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas next week, including possible surprise VMware View 5 announcements, the Best of VMworld 2011 awards and more.

Heyo! Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth here. We'll both be attending VMworld 2011 next week in Las Vegas. We've heard that there will be almost 20,000 attendees at this year's show, making it one of the largest IT conferences on the planet.

While that sounds overwhelming, we're a bit lucky since we only focus on desktop virtualization. And since VMworld is a general virtualization conference, it means that the two of us are only paying attention to about 20% of what's happening there, which is actually quite manageable.

So, what are we most looking forward to?

First and foremost, we're interested in finding out more about VMware View 5. We know a bit about View 5 already since VMware "leaked" a feature list. We wrote about this last week on, focusing on the three big new features, which are (1) Persona management, (2) WAN optimization for PC-over-IP and (3) 3D graphics support.

But what's most interesting is what's not included on that list -- namely, a feature called "content-based read cache" (CBRC), which hooks into View's Linked Clones feature to allow multiple VDI VMs to share a single base image cached in memory.

Will VMware announce CBRC at VMworld? Phil Montgomery, VMware's head of product management for the desktop products, wrote in a comment on, "The notes that leaked out were an early set and yes, we have a few surprises up our sleeve for VMworld."

Of course, there will be literally hundreds of vendors at VMworld in addition to VMware and we’ll do our best to sniff out the cool new desktop stuff. (Like Nutanix, for example, who will have some demo gear at the show.)

Our company, TechTarget, is again the official media sponsor of VMworld, which means we're organizing the "Best of VMworld" awards. As in years past, the two of us will be judging the desktop category and we think we have about 30 entrants! So, look for our announcement of the winners during the awards ceremony at 2:30 p.m. PST on Wednesday, August 31 in the Solutions Exchange Theater.

We've also had a lot of fun over the past month with our new live-streamed Internet radio show called Brian & Gabe LIVE. We'll be streaming two episodes of Brian & Gabe LIVE from the TechTarget booth at the VMworld expo hall at 11:00 a.m. PST both Tuesday and Wednesday.

And finally, since many TechTarget writers are covering VMworld across several different websites, we've created a single site,, where we deliver all of our VMworld 2011 content, including articles, videos, audio and awards information.

See you next week in Vegas!

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Brian Madden is an independent industry analyst and blogger, known throughout the world as an opinionated, supertechnical desktop virtualization expert. He has written several books and more than 1,000 articles about desktop and application virtualization. Madden's blog,, receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate and discourse about the application and desktop virtualization industry. He is also the creator of BriForum, the premier independent application delivery technical conference.

Gabe Knuth is an independent industry analyst and blogger, known throughout the world as "the other guy" at He has been in the application delivery space for over 12 years and has seen the industry evolve from the one-trick pony of terminal services to the application and desktop virtualization of today. Gabe's focus tends to lean more toward practical, real-world technology in the industry, essentially boiling off the hype and reducing solutions to their usefulness in today's corporate environments.

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