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Test your virtual desktop technology knowledge

Can you match the knowledge of some of our top virtual desktop technology experts? Take this quiz to find out.

Whether you are an expert in desktop virtualization or you need an education in the basics, there is always something to learn. We've collected tips from some of the top experts who work with virtual desktop technology. See if you can match their knowledge.

1. Why might application virtualization be a potential threat to Terminal Services in the enterprise?
What is the threat?

2. Remote Programs in Windows Server 2008 can simplify the entire application management process, including deployment, patch management and reduce help desk costs. What is the biggest downside of using this feature?
What is the catch with remote programs?

3. What distinguishes a Type 1 hypervisor from a Type 2 hypervisor?
How do these hypervisor types differ?

4. Installing a VDI infrastructure will tax your network, your storage and your enterprise applications. What are some key considerations when preparing your enterprise infrastructure for VDI?
What are the key considerations?

5. What are the best applications to run in a cloud computing environment? What are the hardest applications to run?
Applications for your cloud computing environment.

6. What is a difference between server-based computing and today's virtual desktop infrastructure?
How do SBC and VDI differ?

7. How many virtual machines can realistically fit onto one core?
How's your VDI math?

8. There are at least three core user types and a variety of needs within each type. How do you determine which end user will benefit most from VDI?
Who are your users and what are their needs?

9. What are three architecture models of cloud computing?
Cloud computing models 101.

10. Windows Server 2008 R2 will include some improvements to the Remote Desktop Protocol, which delivers graphics and other media to Citrix end points. What are they?
What are the improvements?

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