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Test your knowledge of hyper-converged infrastructure for VDI

Prove how well you know hyper-converged infrastructure with our quiz on vendor offerings, hardware upgrades, the contents of an HCI stack and more.

You've probably seen commercials for a cool gadget with this disclaimer attached: "batteries not included." Or you remember the disappointment of opening a product only to realize that you don't have the batteries you need to make it work.

VDI shops don't have to worry about that kind of letdown with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which delivers all the data center resources you need in a single package. Everything is compatible because all the components are supported by the same vendor and pre-bundled to work together. Best of all, HCI is very scalable. All admins have to do is add a node and the underlying software redistributes workloads evenly.

HCI is well-suited for VDI environments because it allows admins to quickly spin up and distribute virtual desktops, as well as centrally manage them and scale over time. Put your knowledge of hyper-converged infrastructure to the test with this quiz that explores the difference between HCI and converged infrastructure, vendor offerings and more.

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