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Seven questions to test your Microsoft Azure RemoteApp knowledge

Think you know everything about Microsoft Azure RemoteApp? Prove it by taking this quiz on how Azure RemoteApp uses the cloud to deliver applications, which operating systems it works on and more.

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp is a cloud service that delivers virtualized Windows apps to users across a variety of operating systems.

Azure RemoteApp allows IT to deliver virtual applications rather than full-fledged desktops to employees using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol over wide area network connections. Workers just need to connect to the Internet, and they can use the RemoteApp client to access the apps they need. Microsoft released Azure RemoteApp in December 2014 on a per user per month pricing model.

Take this quiz on Microsoft Azure RemoteApp to show off how much you know about the application virtualization product, including how it deals with legacy Windows apps and what to do if users work with certain mobile operating systems (OSes).

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