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Remote display protocol pop quiz: How much do you know?

There are a lot of different remote display protocols out there, and keeping them all straight isn't easy. Take this quiz to see how much you know.

The differences between today's most common protocols are decreasing, but understanding their major features could be the difference between a great virtual desktop experience and a poor connection in your VDI environment.

At the most basic level, remote display protocols help with transmitting the desktop to the user over the network, but they can also do a lot more. Some protocols can perform more advanced tasks, such as improving the user experience when there's not enough bandwidth to view a video at the required bit rate.

Take this quiz to get familiar with the different functions of VMware's PC over IP (PCoIP), Microsoft's RemoteFX and Citrix's HDX, as well as their underlying technologies. After you've answered all the questions, we'll score it for you and provide some resources so you can brush up on any questions you got wrong.

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