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Ready to put a VDI project plan in place? Take this quiz to prove it

VDI projects can fail easily. See how well you're prepared for VDI with this quiz, which asks about how to track user experience, what makes a successful pilot program and more.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Lady Galadriel, a wise elf, warns the heroes about their journey saying, "The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail."

A VDI project plan is similarly precarious. One little slip up here or there can cause issues for users and create a domino effect that completely derails even the best VDI project plan. As a result admins must know the important hiccups to look out for and what steps they can take to prevent even the most minor failures.

Take this VDI project plan quiz to learn about measuring the performance of a VDI pilot program, improving storage capacity and much more.

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