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Quiz: Need-to-know VMware products

So, you think you know your VMware products, but what about the new tools? Or the old products with new names? See if you have what it takes to crush this quiz.

Virtualization vendors are always shaking things up -- working on new projects, adding products and rebranding. VMware is definitely not an exception to that rule.

The dust has settled from VMworld 2014. Some new developments are taking shape and details about previously revealed products have emerged, but how much do you know about the recent goings on of VMware products? Take this quiz to find out, and learn a thing or two about how you can use these tools and trends in your own shop.



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Which VMware products do you consider to be must-haves?
I must admit, I tend to use VMware Server and other tools as necessary "secondary" environments on any standalone machine that I work with. For every standalone PC, I have an internal VM that both acts as a sandbox but also as a snapshotted insurance policy. If I want to get crazy and try to do things taht might irreparably damage the system, it's nice to know a rollback is  a half a minute away :).