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Prove your remote desktop USB redirection skills

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of remote desktop USB redirection, including the ins and outs of Citrix's USB redirection features and which devices raise red flags.

With remote desktop USB redirection, users can connect peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice to their local machines and run them on their virtual desktops.

With USB redirection, a user plugs a USB-based device into a computer, and the organization's VDI software recognizes the device and connects it to the user's virtual desktop. USB redirection makes the virtual desktop user experience closer to that of a physical PC by allowing users to work with peripherals such as scanners, printers and styluses plugged directly into their endpoints.

Show off your knowledge of remote desktop USB redirection, including the latency rate necessary to support redirection, how Microsoft RemoteFX and Citrix USB redirection features work and more.

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