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How well do you know VDI user profile management tools?

Take this quiz and see if you're a pro when it comes to Citrix User Profile Management, VMware View Persona Management and some of the other top user profile management tools.

One of the greatest challenges facing VDI shops is managing users' profiles and making sure their desktop experiences are up to snuff.

Windows roaming profiles are a VDI administrator's simplest and cheapest option, but they can grow quite large over time. Roaming profiles live on a network server instead of the endpoint device, so larger profiles can cause serious latency issues when users log on and off their virtual desktops. It takes even longer for users working remotely to access virtual desktops depending on their network connections.

Another option for user profile management is to deploy nonpersistent virtual desktops, which reset every time users log off and cannot store user profile data. Still, many organizations conclude that the lack of personalization on nonpersistent desktops ends up hurting the user experience, and that it's not worth ditching user profiles entirely.

IT pros' third option is to take advantage of profile management features in their VDI software, or invest in one of the many third-party user profile management tools designed to overcome the limitations of Windows profiles. Show off how well you know Citrix User Profile Management, VMware View Persona Management and other top user profile management tools with this quiz.

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