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Don't be a fool with VDI monitoring tools

Monitoring tools use features such as synthetic user monitoring to help IT prepare for any VDI health issues. Do you know all the monitoring strategies?

A VDI deployment is like the human body; each system plays its part in making the whole thing work. When a deployment falls ill, IT administrators are the surgeons tasked with running the right tests to correctly diagnose and fix the problem.

IT can use VDI monitoring tools to get an in-depth view into every nook and cranny of their VDI deployment. The right monitoring tool can help IT improve capacity planning, user experience and security. The important trick is for VDI shops to utilize every part of the tool they choose to get the most accurate picture and predict problems even before they occur.

Think you know what it takes to be a master of VDI monitoring tools? Test yourself right here, right now.

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