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Do you understand all your VDI options?

IT has important decisions to make when choosing a VDI deployment, including whether to use persistent or nonpersistent desktops, what devices to give end users and more.

When IT professionals decide to virtualize their users' desktops, they have several key VDI options to choose from.

There are different deployment methods, infrastructure architectures and end-user devices to sort through. Each decision IT makes has consequences for security, cost, management, productivity and more.

To ensure they select the ideal VDI options, IT pros must factor organization-wide desktop storage, software and hardware compatibility, and budget constraints into their decision-making.

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In my knowledge, HCI has always been "Human-Computer Interaction" (in terms of study and optimization of the "user friendliness" and/or "ease fo use" of computers). Attention should be paid when using acronims, in order to avoid misunderstandings by readers. I've been working with Hyper-Converged infrastructures for years, with many different vendors: in spite of this, HCI is not so meaningful for me when referencing this type of infrastructure...