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Do you know the details of application layering?

App layering is a helpful virtualization tool. Show off your knowledge of the topic with this quiz on what criteria IT can use to layer apps, where app layering hard disks live and more.

Not every department nor every user in a company requires access to the same virtual applications.

One group might need to use a data entry app, while another group works with a word processor such as Microsoft Word. In a virtual desktop deployment, it can be a hassle to separate apps out because each department requires its own unique virtual desktop image on which to deliver the right apps. And the more images there are, the more work it is for VDI admins to update each image on the network.

Application layering makes this process easier. Instead of creating new images, IT can simply deliver virtual apps to users in layers -- which interact with the operating system and other apps on the golden image but are not a part of the images themselves. As a result, IT can use a single golden image for all its users and deliver apps on a departmental- or user-specific basis.

Put your knowledge of application layering for VDI to the test with this quiz which covers Citrix and Liquidware Labs' app layering offerings and more.

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