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Desktop Virtualization: How much do you know?

Here's a short quiz that will test your knowledge on desktop virtualization.

There are many ways to virtualize desktops. Take this nine question quiz to see how much you know about the different technologies in this hot market.

Desktop Virtualization: How much do you know?

1. Which of these VDI features cannot be replicated on a traditional desktop? (Choose the best answer)
2. What are two ways to create a single OS image for your traditional desktops? (Pick the two best answers)
3. Application Virtualization and Application Packaging are different how? (Choose the best answer)
4. What are the factors to consider when deciding whose desktop to virtualize? (Choose all that apply)
5. Which of these is NOT a typical goal of desktop virtualization? (Choose the best answer)
6. True or False: RDSH is not a type of desktop virtualization
7. What are advantages of datacenter-based desktops (Choose all that apply)
8. What are advantages of Type 2 client hypervisors versus Type 1? (Choose the best answer)
9. Which of the following could be considered types of desktop virtualization? (Check all that apply)

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