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Compete in the Citrix terminology decathlon

Citrix is a big player in the IT world, and it comes with a bit of its own language. Use this quiz to make sure the top Citrix terms don't trick you.

Understanding Citrix terminology is critical for IT pros in VDI shops.

Having these definitions down strengthens an IT administrator's abilities. For example, it is important to know exactly what products the company includes in Citrix Workspace, and that it only requires organizations to purchase one software license. IT admins should also know all the ways XenApp can help organize, support and secure applications for employees. Citrix terminology sets a strong foundation, and it allows IT pros to take flight.

Whether you are an avid flyer, or it is your first time spreading your Citrix wings, test your understanding of key Citrix terminology, and take the opportunity to learn something new. 

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