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No more VDI predictions: It's the Year of DaaS

No more 'Year of VDI' predictions. We've moved on: It's now the Year of DaaS.

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The Year of VDI may never come, thanks to DaaS' arrival on the scene. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has improved steadily over the years, to the point that it can even deliver desktops using three-dimensional graphics. But it's still a very expensive proposition. Desktop as a Service may be outpacing VDI already with its lower cost, ease of use -- and Amazon's and VMware's recent DaaS product releases.

IT teams are paying attention to these moves, and taking a good look at DaaS as a possibility for delivering desktops from the cloud. Modern Infrastructure editors discuss DaaS vs. VDI in this podcast.

This edition of the Modern Infrastructure podcast also touches on Brian Madden's take on DaaS vs. VDI; he wonders what the future of Windows desktops looks like in the enterprise if VDI adoption never gets past 20%.

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Is DaaS coming out ahead in the DaaS vs. VDI war?