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Desktop virtualization decision-making tips

Thinking about desktop virtualization? This podcast on desktop virtualization software and implementation decision-making tips can help you prepare.

Planning for desktop virtualization? There are many aspects to consider from available software and licensing costs to determining your end-users needs and getting your CEO to sign off on the idea. Listen to our expert podcast with Nelson Ruest, IT professional and distinguished author, for decision-making tips on choosing the best desktop virtualization software for your company, justifying VDI implementation to your boss and best practices for a successful desktop virtualization setup.

Click below to listen to our expert podcast, "Desktop virtualization decision-making tips" (Time: 7:03)

Desktop virtualization decision-making tips

Follow the time stamps below for information on existing desktop virtualization solutions, software decision-making best practices and benefits of VDI implementation:

  • 0:47 Solutions that exist today to support desktop virtualization
  • 3:02 Desktop virtualization software decision-making tips
  • 5:11 Justifying VDI application

  • More on desktop virtualization from Nelson and Danielle Ruest:

      Choosing your desktop virtualization software
    Are you trying to decide on the right desktop virtualization software? Consider your users' requirements to ensure the best fit for your organization.

      Which virtualization licensing model matches your needs?
    Presentation virtualization and desktop virtualization differ in functionality, but have similar licensing models. Find out which licensing model is best.

      Virtualization can save on desktop licensing costs
    Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop's license can help reduce the number of virtual desktop licenses you must buy -- cutting VDI licensing costs.

      Virtual desktop benefits that sell VDI
    Virtual desktops can simplify the desktop lifecycle and reduce costs. Use this list of major virtual desktop benefits to sell VDI plans to your boss.

    Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest
    Danielle Ruest and Nelson Ruest are technology futurists focused on datacenter optimization and continuous service availability. They are authors of multiple books, notably "Training Kit 70-652: Configuring Windows Server Virtualization with Hyper-V" published by Microsoft Press and "Virtualization, A Beginner's Guide" published by McGraw-Hill Osborne. Reach them at

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