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Citrix's free remote desktop management app for iPad hits iTunes

In this podcast, SearchVirtualDesktop.com interviews Citrix Online Services CTO on the new GoToManage application for iPad for remote desktop management.

SAN FRANCISCO – Citrix has adapted its GoToManage application for the Apple iPad, giving IT pros a free application to troubleshoot and provide technical support to end user desktops remotely. The company announced this application at Citrix Synergy 2011 in May, and it is now available for free at Apple iTunes.

Using the GoToManage for the iPad, administrators can take control of a user's PC or Mac to troubleshoot issues and provide technical assistance. Attendees at Synergy offered positive feedback on this application, not only because it gives them another tool for the beloved iPad, but because it serves a growing business need for remote desktop management.

Existing GoToManage and GoToAssist Express customers can connect to and control unattended computers, conduct in-session chat sessions, and track and report on those support activities.

In this podcast from Citrix Synergy 2011, SearchVirtualDesktop.com Senior Site Editor Bridget Botelho interviews Bernd Christiansen, VP and CTO of Citrix Online Services division, about this new remote desktop management application for IT pros who have iPads.

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Citrix launches free GoToManage app for iPad

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