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Five VDI thin clients worthy of enterprise consideration


IGEL, Lenovo thin clients add to the market

Source:  IGEL

IGEL Technology and Lenovo are two other leaders in the VDI thin client market. IGEL's UD line includes the UD5, UD6, UD9 and UD10. All these thin clients can run the IGEL Linux OS or Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7. With its local protocol clients and tools, IGEL Linux helps the devices find the best possible protocol through which to access apps. Each device also comes with the IGEL Universal Management Suite, where admins can support and manage multiple OSes, databases and directory services. It also includes local protocols, software clients and security capabilities.

Lenovo thin clients include the company's ThinkCentre line of products. The M600 and M700 Tiny thin clients come with Thin Client Manager and integrate with a Lenovo monitor users can lock their thin clients into to access virtual desktops. It includes a 1920 x 1080 display and front and back tilting. The M600 runs on an Intel Celeron processor and the M700 can run on Intel Core, Pentium and Celeron processors. The M700 is also designed to survive harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures.

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