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Five VDI thin clients worthy of enterprise consideration


NComputing SoC thin clients work with vSpace

Source:  NComputing

NComputing's N-series of thin clients, which debuted in 2012, are another viable thin client option for Citrix desktop virtualization shops. The system-on-chip  thin clients integrate with NComputing's vSpace Management Center console. A network-based app and desktop delivery platform, vSpace comes with client software and network connection management.

The first of three system-on-chip (SoC) thin clients, the N400 HDX SoC device, is less than $200 but limited in terms of its graphics acceleration technology. It does not allow client-side rendering or feature any wireless capabilities. 

It's brother, the N500 HDX SoC thin client usually costs about $20 to $40 more. It supports dual monitors and client-side video decoding for H.264 video compression and enhanced graphics acceleration.

The last option is the N600, which adds 1080p HD video playback, Windows Media redirection, Power-on Management and Wake on LAN support. It is a good fit for users who need to work with multimedia.

Because the N-series supports XenDesktop, these SoC thin clients are a good fit for Citrix shops looking to save money.  

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