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Explore five virtual application delivery tools


Navigate the remote application delivery market

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Visual Editor: Pranav Temburnikar

When it comes to delivering remote applications to end users, organizations have a lot of product options from which to choose. There are many vendors in the market, some of which even have multiple products.

Take VMware, for example. The company offers ThinApp and App Volumes for delivering virtual apps. The former transfers apps onto the target operating system and the latter places apps into compartments that IT can deliver to specific users or groups of users.

When it comes to the remote application delivery field, different tools take different approaches, whether it's app virtualization, streaming, layering or some other method. Take some time to sort through the various options for remote application delivery, from Citrix's XenApp and AppDisk tools to Liquidware Labs' FlexApp and Parallels' Remote Application Server (RAS). Learn what each tool does and how it separates itself from the rest of the pack.  

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