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Four valuable Citrix HDX protocol features


HDX Mobile delivers a native mobile experience

Source:  iStock
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Citrix HDX Mobile strives to provide the most native experience possible for smartphone and tablet users working with Windows applications through Citrix Receiver. For starters, HDX Mobile allows IT to refactor Windows apps for mobile devices, which can include optimizing apps for touchscreens with multi-touch gestures and native menu controls. To make things even easier, many touch-based features, such as keyboard auto-display, are already included in XenApp and XenDesktop and do not require any changes to applications' source codes.

The Citrix HDX Mobile software developer's kit features more than 50 application programming interfaces developers can use to add even more mobile capabilities. Some of the features include switching to the device's local interface instead of using the Windows layout and an autosense tool that can identify the size of the client device's screen and whether or not to use a horizontal layout.

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