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Four valuable Citrix HDX protocol features


How HDX 3D Pro renders resource-intensive apps

Source:  iStock
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Citrix HDX protocol renders DirectX graphics with CPU or a graphics processing unit by sending the graphics through a software rasterizer. The rasterizer takes vector graphics and turns them into the pixels users see on their screens, passing on the desktop composition from the server to the endpoint. This process works well because a lot of apps, including Microsoft's Office suite, are designed to work through graphics processors.

For users who need to use 3D graphics applications, Citrix offers HDX 3D Pro, which supports hardware-based GPU sharing for OpenGL and DirectX graphics applications. HDX 3D Pro includes deep compression, which improves the traffic throughput even in low-bandwidth networks. The 3D Pro version is ideal for users who work with computer-aided design apps, graphical information system software, or picture archiving and communication systems for medical images.

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