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Three benefits of using hyper-converged infrastructure systems for VDI


How hyper-converged hardware fits into the VDI puzzle

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Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Hyper-converged hardware appliances take the concept of converged infrastructure, which combines storage, networking, compute and server virtualization into one hardware package, to the next level by also integrating software.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is software defined and brings even more aspects of the data center -- backup software, snapshot capabilities, data deduplication, inline compression, WAN optimization and more -- into one chassis. The consolidation allows IT to centrally manage all its data center components.

Hyper-converged infrastructure systems reduce hardware complications, satisfy serious storage needs and simplify the VDI planning process. Everything isn't perfect, however, and hyper-converged hardware does come with some risks. Dive into three of the top benefits for VDI shops, and look at the issues HCI brings.

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