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Top six VDI news stories of 2015


VDI prevents rogue Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrades

Source:  sam_ding/iStock
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

One of the biggest releases in 2015 was Microsoft's Windows 10. To spur adoption, the company offers a free upgrade to the new OS for qualified Windows 7 and 8 users. The Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade is great for users, but IT admins have to make sure they're ready to manage the operating system. Not only is Windows 10 yet another OS for IT to keep track of, it also brings app compatibility issues and data retention problems.

VDI can help control some of the problems around rogue Windows 10 upgrades by allowing IT admins to push out the updated OS on their own schedule and target specific users, if needed. Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and XenMobile already support Windows 10, and its AppDNA feature can identify app incompatibility before the upgrade starts, so admins can see where the potential issues are and fix them. On the VMware front, both Horizon and AirWatch come with zero-day support for Windows 10.

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