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Top five VDI-related help desk questions


Help desk must be ready to solve VDI issues

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Desktop management is much easier with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) because it gives IT a single, central image from which it can control hundreds or even thousands of desktops. It also grants users access to desktops and apps anywhere, anytime.

Still, it's not always a perfect system, and VDI issues on users' virtual desktops will no doubt lead to questions for your help desk. Fortunately, many of the hang ups -- such as password problems or no Internet connection -- have simple solutions. But your help desk needs to be ready to deliver.

Take a look at five of the most common VDI questions IT needs to be prepared to answer and why users ask them.

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What VDI issues have you run into?
Good Morning
I am working for University Hospital, where for me VDI is the best solution for desktop, however, my boss is not a fan of VDI his approach only desktop or XenApp a little.
A dumb question, how to convince boss or present the case in front of him to deploy VDI as POC (proof of concept) on a test basis.
Awesome article Eddie, I like how you talk about the intangibles of VDI deployment issues, mostly surrounding user error that could easily be avoided with some simple education.

I followed this blog up with a sort of "next step" blog of my own taking it a step further, going into 5 PRO TIPS for users to keep in mind while using a VDI workstation to help diminish user errors, ensuring IT stays happy and the users themselves stay happy:

1) Be Patient.
2) Plan ahead.
3) Know your VDI workstation type.
4) You have to remember your passwords, remember?
5) Be aware and prepared: use the correct device for the specific task at hand.

Read the full story below:

Hope this adds to the conversation, cheers! :)
While updating the VDI, it stops around 71% and displays a message that "preparation of most recent version failed.  Failed to find User volume.  Please contact your administrator."