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Propalms adopts orphaned Pano Logic assets

Propalms, a U.K.-based software vendor, has acquired the assets of Pano Logic, which went belly up last fall and left customers in the lurch.

Abandoned customers of defunct virtual desktop vendor Pano Logic may have a new lease on life -- if they haven't already jumped ship.

RODZ Holdings Ltd. has acquired all of Pano Logic's assets from Sherwood Capital Partners, the creditor assigned to handle the sale of Pano Logic after it went out of business last October. The assets include product inventory, customer lists and support infrastructure. RODZ Holdings is the parent company of Propalms Ltd., an application delivery vendor based in North Yorkshire, U.K.

Propalms is in the process of setting up a U.S.-based support operation with key Pano Logic support staff, President Robert Zysblat said in an email. That should address the top concern among existing customers. 

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"The thing that matters most for Pano Logic customers is continuity of support," said Simon Bramfitt, an analyst at Entelechy Associates Inc., a Concord, Calif.-based research firm.

Propalms also needs to address a rumor in the desktop virtualization community that Pano Logic went out of business because of a patent infringement lawsuit, Bramfitt said.

"Customers are going to want to know if Propalms will be forced to drop the product down the road," he added.

Propalms' Pano Logic plans

Propalms is predominantly a software vendor, with 3,000 customers and partners worldwide, according to its website. Its management team is re-establishing contact with Pano Logic distributors and resellers, Zysblat said. The company's intention is to continue customer support, issue new licenses and develop the Pano Logic product line over the long term.

Because Pano Logic's technology included a hardware component, Propalms must assure Pano Logic customers that it has access to a manufacturing supply chain, Bramfitt said. The company will also need to recruit better channel partners and a data center partner to offer customers  more compatibility between virtualized servers and desktops, he said.

Although Pano Logic customers now have more information about product support and the technology's future, this months-long ordeal has led some to look at other vendors.

"I am done with the Pano saga," said Darren Schoen, director of technology for the Broward County Performing Arts Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The arts center was an early adopter of the Pano Logic integrated hardware and software stack. Rather than stick with Pano Logic and wait to see what would happen to its assets, Schoen decided to ditch Pano in favor of VMware View and Samsung zero clients.

Propalms has yet to contact the arts center regarding its acquisition and transition plans, Schoen said.

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