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Microsoft virtual desktop is ready

IT shops with MDOP can now receive the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization technology, formerly known as Kidaro.

Microsoft this week released the first version of its virtual desktop technology to IT shops that have purchased the Desktop Optimization Pack.

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v. 1.0 (Med-V) packages a user's desktop on a virtual machine, which can then be run on a local user's computer on a host OS. The image is secured, enabling IT managers to better control end-user desktops.

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Microsoft originally obtained the software through its March 2008 acquisition of virtual management company, Kidaro. The software is only available to IT shops that use the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) 2009, which is acquired by having a subscription to the company's Software Assurance maintenance agreement.

Although virtual desktop technology momentum has been slow thus far, experts said 2010 should bring about uptake. One cause will be improvements to the end-user experience. Companies developing technologies to improve personal profiles, plus advances in the quality of the data delivery protocols that serve rich multimedia, should make a difference.

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