Meet speaker Shawn Bass

Meet expert Shawn Bass.

As the keynote speaker at several of our Desktop Virtualization 2013 road show cities, we are excited to share some information about Shawn Bass that you might not already know. Read the below Q&A with Shawn to hear his thoughts on today’s top technology trends, lessons from the field and more…

Q&A with Shawn

When you started, what was your mission?  Fast forward to today – how has your mission changed from then to now?
Shawn Bass: To share information with people about things that I encountered in my work for various clients.  Then Twitter came along and sort of ruined my blog. 

What is the biggest technology trend you see on the horizon?
Shawn Bass: The Internet of things. Consumerization and mobility and BYOD is interesting and all, but it's nothing compared to the impact that the Internet of things will have on us.

What is the #1 tip you can offer to companies who want to know how to effectively manage their users’ desktops in the age of BYOD?
Shawn Bass: Stop thinking you can control everything.  You simply can't.  However, the more personal data that is mixed into the devices, the less likely the users will be careless with their data and devices.

As a veteran TechTarget speaker, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from an attendee at one of your seminars?
Shawn Bass That's very difficult to pinpoint one specific thing.  I feel like every time I speak to people there's tons of things I learn about their environments, the way they do things, etc.  Doing IT in a silo will never give you the knowledge that you gain from other people's experiences.

What city would you most like to bring your VDI seminar to and why?  
Shawn Bass: If US based, it would probably be San Diego as it's one of my favorite US cities.  The weather is simply amazing there.  Internationally, it would have to be a close tie between Paris and Amsterdam.



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