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Tips for desktop virtualization in the enterprise

Learn about desktop virtualization in the enterprise with tips on virtualization tools, applications, management and how to improve your virtual desktop environment.

Are you planning on virtualizing your desktop infrastructure in the coming year? Or have you already begun to deploy virtualized desktops? With our top 10 desktop virtualization tips of the year, you will learn how to begin to plan for a new virtualized desktop environment and how to improve an existing virtualized infrastructure.

The advantages of desktop virtualization
Is desktop virtualization all it's cracked up to be? Learn about the potential advantages that desktop virtualization can bring to your organization.

Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 offers new capabilities
Support for RemoteApps is one of the new features in Windows Server 2008 that will appeal to end users.

Remote Programs can simplify application management
Remote Programs, a feature of Windows Server 2008, is capable of greatly reducing the administrative overhead associated with managing applications. Expert Brien Posey tells you how it can potentially decrease costs for the IT department.

VMware View: Desktop virtualization's newest fantasy or reality?
VMware View is a new approach to virtual desktops. You can run it on any client that allows users to take their centralized desktop along with them. But will it become a reality?

Improved Terminal Services resource management in Windows Server 2008
Learn the five ways in which accessing local hardware has improved in Windows Server 2008's Terminal Services.

Create Virtual PC hard disk with a backup disk image
To create a fully populated virtual machine for Microsoft's Virtual PC virtualization software, start with a backup image of an existing Windows desktop installation.

How to troubleshoot Terminal Services connection problems
Having a problem with your Terminal Services connection resource limits? Find out how a registry key can help troubleshoot the issue.

What is VDI technology?
Our podcast explains virtual desktop infrastructure technology and what it has to offer your enterprise.

Desktop virtualization: What Windows managers should know
Desktop virtualization allows the IT staff to lock down the desktop, but it still lets users have the freedom to do their jobs.

Terminal Services tutorial: Remote data management
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to improve your Terminal Services architecture with tips about licensing, management and troubleshooting.

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