Supporting multiple sessions in Terminal Services

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Is it possible to access multiple sessions in Terminal Services? Please explain any registry modifications. -- G. Arumugam

The number of concurrent users depends on how many Terminal Services CALs [Client Access Licenses] you have and the capacity of the terminal server. You should not have to modify any registry settings.

-- Darkstar911

I have two HP terminal servers running Windows 2003 with Exchange. Each has a hard drive of 35 GB. We have over 30 thin clients being serviced by these servers. We have now 20 new users and will need another terminal server. Can I use a PC with a fast SATA [Serial Advanced Technology Attachment] drive as the terminal server? If so, what configurations/changes do I need to carry out?

You can. Unless your users are doing something disk-intensive, the hard drive isn't usually the slowdown point in a terminal server; the amount of RAM in the machine is. The more, the better.

You'll also want at least two hard drives in the machine setup in a RAID configuration so that if one fails, the computer doesn't stop running.

-- Mrdenny

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