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Seven VDI-related VMworld 2017 sessions to look out for

With VMworld 2017 fast approaching, the time is right to plan your agenda. VDI admins should consider attending these seven sessions on key topics, including HCI and Workspace One.

VDI shops are always looking for ways to make the user experience better, while also making life easier for IT. Hyper-converged infrastructure and digital workspaces are two technologies that can do both.

HCI helps by bringing compute, networking and storage hardware, plus software, into a single bundle that IT can manage in one place. Because everything comes as one entity, it's all compatible and designed to work together smoothly.

Similarly, digital workspaces aim to consolidate multiple resources into a solitary package by allowing users to access their applications and data from one location. IT can also manage all those resources from one console.

There's no shortage of VMworld 2017 sessions on HCI and digital workspaces. Here are seven of the most intriguing options to attend at the conference later this month.

Hyper-converged infrastructure

HCI holds a lot of promise for all IT departments but is particularly helpful for VDI shops. Attendees can learn more in these VMworld 2017 sessions:

  • Back to Basics: Why HCI? Why Now? Explore the hype around HCI, including why it's gaining popularity and why growth is happening right now. VMware's Enterprise Strategy Group will back up its reasoning with facts and figures on HCI from surveys and analysis of real users.
There's no shortage of VMworld 2017 sessions on HCI and digital workspaces.
  • A Buyer's Guide to VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: The HCI market is full of options from vendors such as Cisco, Nutanix and SimpliVity, to name a few. In this session, IDC Research Director Eric Sheppard and other speakers will take a closer look at the HCI market to help attendees understand what to look for in an HCI product.

Digital workspaces

Digital workspaces hold a lot of appeal in the enterprise because they bring all of a user's virtual resources under one roof and IT can manage those resources from a single location. Take a look at what VMware has up its digital workspace sleeves at these VMworld 2017 sessions:

  • Customer Panel: Deploying Published Applications to Enable a Modern Digital Workspace: IT delivers published apps remotely, but they function on users' devices as if they are installed locally. In this session, IT pros that have deployed published apps will explain why they chose this approach, what lessons they have learned and how to centralize the app publishing process.
  • Empowering the digital workspace: balancing tomorrow's trends with today's needs: Digital workspaces could fundamentally change the way users access their virtual resources, including apps and desktops. This session will feature an IT director from the University of Arkansas sharing his experiences with the technology, alongside representatives from Dell, VMware and Nvidia.
  • Goodbye Legacy VDI. Hello Dynamic VDI for the Digital Workspace- A Modern Approach to Planning, Building, Running and Securing Virtual Desktops and Apps as Part of Your Customized Digital Workspace: The variety of apps -- mobile, web, SaaS and Windows -- that VDI shops have to deal with can quickly weave a tangled web of confusion. This session will highlight a real-world example of how digital workspaces can untangle this web.

Sanjay Poonen, COO and customer operations lead
at VMware, is interviewed at VMworld 2016
in Las Vegas. He discussed VMware's enterprise
end-user computing technologies and strategies.
  • The Evolution of Endpoint Management Within a Digital Workspace: From an IT pro's perspective, digital workspaces help them wrangle all the different device types in the enterprise into one management location. In this session, IT pros from Siemens and Capital One will share how they used endpoint management to control everything from traditional PCs to internet of things devices from one console.
  • The Transformation of Identity and Access Management in the Age of the Digital Workspace: Users love being able to access their corporate applications and data from anywhere. IT does not love the security risks, such as data leakage, that can come with anywhere access. This session will explore how VDI admins can balance access and security by focusing on users' identities in VMware Workspace One.

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