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RES PowerFuse 2008

Personalize Microsoft Windows users' workspaces across several devices, operating systems and application delivery systems via a workspace management tool.

New Product Showcase for Application Virtualization RES PowerFuse 2008 user workspace management software provides Microsoft Windows users with a personalized workspace across multiple devices, operating systems and application delivery mechanisms.

RES PowerFuse 2008
RES PowerFuse 2008 lets users personalized their desktop settings, but maintains administrative control over access to applications, networks and operating system files.

RES PowerFuse 2008 uses Workspace Security and configures specific lockdown settings to gives access control over removable media. This protects the workspace from unauthorized software and controls access to mission-critical business information.

Additional RES PowerFuse 2008 features include the following:

  • The ability to merges local applications and virtual desktops into one workspace so the RES PowerFuse Management Console can access both.
  • Users have access to Just-in-Time Personalization for workspaces.
  • PowerZones determines which settings should be applied to a user according to login location.
  • IP Connections Security prohibits certain users from connecting with a certain port or host and prevents applications from using unauthorized connections.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SP1 or later), Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (SP1 or later), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (x32 and x64 with SP1 or later), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (x32 and x64), Microsoft Windows Vista (x32 and x64), and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x32 and x64).

Pricing: The Express Edition is a free starter package that supports up to 100 concurrent users; $240 for the Enterprise Edition, $95 for the Standard Edition.

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