Overheard at Citrix Synergy 2015

Session presenters, attendees and the CEO of Citrix had a lot to say at Synergy 2015.Take a look at some memorable quotes from the user conference.

XenApp, AppDNA, ShareFile and all things Workspace were the biggest topics at Synergy 2015, Citrix's annual user conference in Orlando.

There were deep-dive sessions on products and features, as well as keynote gaffes and important life advice from Citrix CEO Mark Templeton. Check out some of the best quotes overheard at Synergy 2015:

"AppDNA is like a Swiss army knife on steroids."

Sheldon Lachambre, Director of Product Engineering, Application Management, Citrix

Once a standalone product, Citrix made AppDNA a feature of XenApp, but that's not to downplay the importance or value of the utility. AppDNA belongs with XenApp because it can help with migrations, and Citrix customers know that moving from the old Independent Management Architecture to the FlexCast Management Architecture is no easy task. AppDNA can help customers adopt XenApp and XenDesktop, and it can help them upgrade from one version to the next. It's useful for checking application compatibility and interoperability before the migration, and it can help admins find and remediate applications that aren't healthy.

"By delivering performance improvement while extending the life of XenApp 6.5, Citrix has helped provide a bridge between the old and new solution architectures that will help retain the vendor's core audience."

Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Mobile & Endpoint Management, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.

Consider this series of events: In 2013, Citrix changed XenApp's management architecture, "over-rotated" away from XenApp, but then rotated back and re-emphasized it as a standalone product. That message -- "We love XenApp" -- was big at Synergy 2015, and the announcement that end-of-life for XenApp 6.5 will be extended until 2017 is big news for customers looking down the barrel of a tough migration. With the renewed and continued focus on and support for XenApp, Citrix customers may be less likely to jump ship.

"The 5,000 IOPS thing that was talked about in the keynote -- I want to address that, because it's not 2005. That 5,000 IOPS is per VM, not per host."

Dan Feller, Lead Architect, Product Marketing, Citrix

In the opening keynote, Citrix CEO Mark Templeton said  the company's new storage virtualization software Melio was "clocked at 5,000 IOPS," but was nonspecific as to whether that meant IOPS per virtual machine (VM) or something else. Jokes ensued on Twitter:

but the "5,000-IOPS-per-what?" discussion didn't really get cleared up for the bulk of attendees. Citrix's lead architect Dan Feller took matters into his own hands and dropped some knowledge on the crowd in a session about Workspace Pod, Citrix's converged infrastructure offering based on Melio.

"The big concern with ShareFile is that we're using it in the cloud."

Hector Cortez, architect, global logistics company Neovia

In its enterprise file sync and share product ShareFile, Citrix now includes third-party data loss prevention (DLP) integration within data zones, which is important for security-conscious IT shops. Before this integration, IT had to choose between a less secure ShareFile implementation and maintaining two sets of DLP policies for ShareFile. Companies that need more security around the data workers share and collaborate on -- especially if they use the cloud to host ShareFile -- benefit from adding the DLP integration.

And finally, some sage advice:

"Never ever do karaoke unless you're drunker than everyone in the audience."

Mark Templeton, CEO, Citrix

This one seems like a given, right? Two brave (crazy?) Citrix attendees had a little fun before the day two general session at Synergy. They got up in front of everyone at the show and sang karaoke for the crowd before Templeton took over.

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