New Enterprise Desktop E-book

Trends such as desktop and application virtualization, mobile device use in the enterprise, and Software as a Service are changing how IT professionals must think about traditional desktop configuration and management. The New Enterprise Desktop E-book can prepare you for emerging shifts in desktop computing.

Business desktops are evolving for the first time since the birth of the PC and the Windows operating system. Some of these technologies may soon find their way into parts of your enterprise. Trends like desktop virtualization, application virtualization and Software as a Service are changing the way that IT professionals must think about traditional desktop configurations and management. The new desktop is here -- are you ready?

In the New Enterprise Desktop e-book, we'll look at some of the trends that may change the face of desktop computing and lead to new application-delivery methods, including virtual desktop infrastructures, mobile devices, SaaS and self-service application stores.

Chapter 1: The Desktop Virtualization Recipe

This chapter, written by Don Jones, focuses on the following:

  • The distinction between presentation virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
  • Some inherent problems with VDI
  • Different ways in which vendors deliver virtual desktops to clients
  • Managing applications in a VDI
  • How to create the right virtual desktop technology blend to meet your enterprise's needs

Download Chapter 1 now.

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