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MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution

IT and security administrators can manage virtual desktops and laptops for remote users with MokaFive's Virtual Desktop Solution add-on tool.

New Product Showcase for Virtualization ManagementMokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution enables IT and security administrators to centrally manage remote virtual desktops and laptops.

MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution

MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution gives users disaster recovery and mobility as well as the ability to update one LivePC virtual machine (VM) that deploys to the whole enterprise.

Optimized to deliver "desktop as a service," MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution manages the lifecycle of a desktop -- making it easy to centrally create, deliver, secure, update and control users' systems.

MokaFive Virtual Desktop Solution also includes the following features:

  • Allows administer to update and modify applications and OSes on deployed VMs and patch a master image with automatic differential update.
  • Offers end users and administrators the ability to personalize a VM and ensure the personalization is preserved when the underlying image is updated or refreshed.
  • Separates user data, user settings and machine settings from the base image to give end user flexibility with user customization.

System requirements: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 1GHz Pentium III or better, 1GB RAM (2 GB recommended), and at least 2 GB free disk space. For a Mac, Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5, Intel Mac, 1GB RAM, 2 GB free disk space and VMware Fusion is required for Macintosh users.

Pricing: $495 to set up and $99 per user annual licensing fee.

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