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InstallFree Bridge

InstallFree Bridge is a clientless platform that allows virtual applications to function as if they were natively installed on a host computer.

New Product Showcase for Application Virtualization

InstallFree Bridge is a clientless platform that deploys IFV applications to the host PC and the end user.

InstallFree Bridge

Based on a customer's existing infrastructure, InstallFree Bridge allows virtual applications to function as if they were installed on the host computer. The platform integrates with Active Directory (AD) or any LDAP application and can deploy or add applications.

The InstallFree Management Console (IFMC) is a centralized management application within InstallFree Bridge that patches and controls the entire application lifecycle.

Additional InstallFree Bridge features include the following:

  • Stateless architecture decouples applications and users' settings (UserData), allowing the use of one packaged application file.
  • The ability to update or add-on to existing IFV applications each time the application runs.
  • Administrator-like privileges let users customize applications and settings.
  • Supports IFV applications that integrate with local non-virtual desktop elements, applications and environment.

System requirements: An existing fileshare in the customer's environment and a client PC running Windows XP or Vista.

Pricing: $100 per user. Volume and academic discounts are available.

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