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Five quick links: PowerShell for remote desktop management

PowerShell isn't just for servers -- IT pros can use the scripting language to manage physical and virtual Windows desktops.

IT administrations use Windows PowerShell to automate commonly used server management tasks and they can do the same for desktops -- virtual or physical. Here are five quick links on using cmdlets to manage remote desktops in Microsoft, Citrix and VMware desktop environments.

1. Using PowerShell to manage remote Windows 7 desktops

Setting up PowerShell to manage remote Windows 7 desktops can be tricky. These tips help you properly configure PowerShell and use it for remote desktop troubleshooting.

2. Five helpful commands for managing Remote Desktop Services

In Windows Server 8, server management will be command-line oriented. Prepare for the shift by learning some commands for managing Remote Desktop Services.

3. Managing VMware View 4.5 virtual desktops with PowerCLI

VMware View 4.5 supports PowerShell-based extensions, PowerCLI, to manage virtual desktop environments. Here are some useful cmdlets for creating virtual desktop pools.

4. Using Windows PowerShell to manage Citrix XenDesktop 5

Citrix XenDesktop 5 includes support for over 100 Windows PowerShell cmdlets. Here are some useful PowerShell cmdlets to help with your virtual desktop administration tasks.

5. Managing Windows Desktops with PowerShell

PowerShell isn't just for Windows servers -- Microsoft made the scripting language the core management platform in Windows 7.

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