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Citrix XenDesktop

Get details about Citrix XenDesktop -- an add-on tool that consolidates desktops and applications into standardized images for individual users' needs.

New Product Showcase for Virtualization ManagementCitrix XenDesktop assembles virtual desktops on demand to centralize and deliver applications to users anywhere.

Citrix XenDesktop

Citrix XenDesktop consolidates desktops and applications into single standardized images for individual users' needs -- giving users a personalized desktop each time they log on.

Additional Citrix XenDesktop features include the following:

  • Reduced patch and upgrade efforts from one image desktop management tool
  • Real-time desktop assembly personalize users' desktops and applications regardless of the access device.
  • High-definition user experience enables access a well-managed desktop from any device.

System requirements: Runs on Windows XP Embedded, Linux or ThinOS-based clients.

Pricing: XenDesktop Express is free, XenDesktop Express is $75, XenDesktop Advanced is $195, XenDesktop Enterprise is $295 and XenDesktop Platinum is $395.

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