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Citrix XenApp 5

Manage and virtualize all Windows applications in the data center and deliver them to users as an on-demand service using Citrix's XenApp 5v add-on tool.

New Product Showcase for Application VirtualizationCitrix XenApp 5 is Windows application delivery system that manages and virtualizes all applications in the data center and delivers them to users as an on-demand service.


  XenApp 5

Citrix XenApp 5 uses Branch Repeater Support and delivers Windows applications to physical and virtual desktops on-demand for online and offline use. XenApp5 is run centrally from the data center or streamed to the user's device.

Additonal XenApp 5 capabilities include the following:

  • Active Application Monitoring and Alerting detects and prevents potential performance issues.

  • Preferential Load Balancing eliminates server silos -- reduces the amount of servers.

  • SmoothRoaming allows data to move with users as they change locations, networks or devices.

System requirements: Runs on the Microsoft Windows Server platform, compatible with Windows Server 2008, supports Windows Server 2003.

Pricing: Sold per concurrent user (CCU) as a yearly subscription. The Advance Edition of XenApp 5 is $350, the Enterprise Edition of XenApp 5 is $450 and the Platinum Edition of XenApp 5 is $600. Standalone pricing for client-side application streaming and virtualization is $60 per CCU.

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