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BriForum 2014 conference coverage

Attendees at BriForum 2014 in Boston learned about the hottest topics in end-user computing: desktop as a service hype, how Google Chromebooks fit with VDI, evaluating mobile operating systems and management vendors and more.

BOSTON -- Mobility, desktop virtualization and the ongoing battle between Citrix and VMware were the bread and butter of BriForum 2014.

Sessions ran the gamut from in-depth, technical topics such as automating VDI images to lively conversations about market hype. And our editors and reporters had it all covered. Check out all the news and analysis from BriForum 2014:

A look at VDI image automation

VDI is an image delivery system, not an image management tool, but automating image creation can make managing images a lot easier. Many admins overlook it, however. Instead they add Group Policy Objects to their golden images after they're built out, which can make desktops inefficient.

VMware Safe Passage targets XenApp-to-Horizon 6 migrations

Remote published applications in Horizon 6 are enticing to VMware customers, but the company wants Citrix users, too. That's why VMware is offering price breaks and migration tools to Citrix XenApp customers. But the move from XenApp to Horizon 6 requires networking changes, so it may not be as simple as VMware would have customers believe.

Citrix CTO talks data security, DaaS concerns

Just over a month into his new position as CTO of desktops and apps at Citrix, Gunnar Berger offered some insight into his concerns over desktops as a service (DaaS) and data security in the cloud. BriForum attendees talked about Berger's blog in which he announced Citrix's refocus on XenApp.

Vendor, analyst hype doesn't always hit the mark

Advancements in technology sometimes go through a vicious cycle: Analysts predict the next big thing, then vendors invest in it and build new products, which they hype to enterprise customers. But the tools that get the most lip service aren't always the best value for IT shops, and sometimes products get so much attention you'd think everyone is using them. But that's just not the case.

Overheard: Best quotes from BriForum 2014

BriForum was overrun with desktop virtualization and end-user computing pros, many of whom had sage advice for attendees: force vendors to compete on price, design for failure and know your users. Check out some of the best quotes from the conference here.

Mobility and consumerization

Mobile operating system wars are good for customers

Windows, iOS and Android devices are three different mobile OSes with distinct styles. In this case, one OS being the best doesn't mean the other two are losers. It's all about which operating system fits users' -- and IT pros' -- needs.

Are Chromebooks and VDI a match made in heaven?

VDI on Google Chromebooks offers an alternative to Windows PCs, but IT administrators should consider the pros and cons. Chromebooks make sense for organizations using Google Apps, but cost, manageability, and support for other enterprise apps may raise questions in some shops.

Five questions for EMM vendors

There are a lot of factors that should go into choosing an enterprise mobility management vendor. For example, companies should consider the speed with which a provider can support new operating system features and whether it offers mobile application and content management. Also look at whether software as a service, keeping tools on-premises or using a hybrid approach is best.

Remember users in your mobility policies

It's usually IT, security, legal and compliance teams that write mobility policies, but if you leave users out of that equation, you won't get the results you want. Remember that workers won't use an application that doesn't do what they need it to -- they'll go to an app store alternative. And users also need constant access to their data.

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