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Application virtualization 411 for the IT pro

Our top 10 application virtualization tips can teach you about the pros and cons of virtual applications, how this practice can affect IT budgeting and how to stream applications.

Virtualizing desktops is a practice that picked up steam this year, and that trend has extended beyond desktops and into application virtualization. But should you hop aboard this train? Our top 10 application virtualization tips of the year can help you answer that question. In this tip series, find out how application virtualization can affect your IT budget, how virtualizing applications can affect your pre-existing IT infrastructure and how this trend can help you keep productivity high.

- Application streaming: What you need to know
Are the advantages of application streaming enough to force change in your IT shop? Are the pros of centralized management and decreased TCO enough to outweigh the cons of certain incompatibilities and to handle support difficulties? Decide for yourself after reading this tip.

- Presentation virtualization: Centralized app management in Windows Server 2008
Using TS RemoteApp with Windows Server 2008, admins can ease the burden of application management and reduce help desk calls related to application operation issues.

- Application virtualization: The Terminal Services killer?
There are many reasons why organizations deploy Terminal Services today. But new virtualization technologies that provide a simpler application management model and lower server costs could change all that.

- The problem with traditional application management practices
App virtualization can be a real benefit to admins, especially when you consider the difficulties that come from more traditional methods of app management.

- Application virtualization guide
This series takes a look at the basics of application virtualization, with details on what it means to Terminal Services and how to implement the technology with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

- Combine application virtualization with streaming
Among the many benefits of application virtualization is the ability to use a streaming delivery system. Danielle and Nelson Ruest explain how admins can use app virtualization with streaming to transform the application management model and simplify app support.

- What your infrastructure needs before implementing VDI
Here are three things you should research and understand before implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in your environment.

- Tame productivity losses with application virtualization
Application virtualization has the po10tial to help with licensing as well as upgrades, patches and new deployments.

- Comparing app streaming to thin clients: Pros and cons
When is application virtualization the way to go instead of thin-client computing? The two sound like they're trying to accomplish the same goal -- but naturally, they are far different approaches.

- Application virtualization: Ending DLL hell once and for all
In this webcast, authors Nelson and Danielle Ruest look at the myths and realities surrounding application virtualization, with details on what the technology means to Microsoft apps such as Windows Installer and Terminal Services.

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