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July 2013, Volume 2, Number 7

How changing desktop access helps improve endpoint management

There are so many pieces to the complex endpoint management puzzle that no approach works like a Swiss Army knife today. It also doesn’t help that easy management of user workspaces is a moving target. New products, features, processes and philosophical approaches are being introduced all the time. How an organization decides to manage and secure endpoints depends entirely upon a panoply of unique factors, said Jason Blackett, product manager of endpoint solutions at Novell Inc. For starters, desktop virtualization has allowed many organizations to abstract the desktop layer off the endpoint device for central management in a data center. Sunrise Health Region, a health care organization based in the Saskatchewan province of Canada, conducted a 3,000-seat virtual desktop rollout in 2012 to improve clinician application login times and provide a centrally managed, single desktop golden image. “We are introducing a new way for secure printing, single sign-on for applications, and smart cards for quick and easy logging on,” said ...

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