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April 2013, Volume 2, Number 4

Underestimating storage requirements leads to VDI failure

It's no secret that virtual desktop infrastructure involves significant storage costs, but the problem is exacerbated by vendors that vastly underestimate storage requirements. Meanwhile, new hybrid solid-state storage products for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) reduce the storage problem and -- finally -- bring the cost of virtual desktops to the level of PCs. Many VDI pilots start out with a small pool of virtual desktops that any old storage system can handle, so conceptually, everything works. But as companies scale out, storage becomes the root cause of performance problems, and desktop virtualization quickly turns into a money pit. Part of the problem is that vendors vastly underestimate the storage that will be needed. They use best-case scenarios when specifying product infrastructure requirements during the product sales process, said Rick Varju, director of engineering and operations at Foley and Lardner LLP, a Boston-based law firm. After working with VMware Inc. through the initial stages of an early-adopter ...

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